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Advertise with us to take your business to its deserving zenith. Yes, an advertisement on our website is going to bring for you great advantages. 

Looking for the most cost-effective ways of marketing business can be very challenging. It is observed that business owners across Hyderabad spend thousands of rupees in marketing their business locally, advertise through newspapers, hoardings etc but as a business owner it is necessary to know whether you are really getting enough in return out of those marketing resources. 

If you are not sure of this or if you do not have any answer then it is time you TRY US. Yes, place your advertisement here on our website to see how many may see it and get you connected. We can assure our clients of higher ROI. Every rupee you spend will be counted and will bring for you opportunities to get connected to your prospective customers from the city of Hyderabad (and across India / abroad). 

We get traffic. We can show you the statistics. We are a local Hyderabad Magazine (Online) and soon going to hit the market with print version too. We can assure you of good exposure. You will spend less but you will get higher in return, that is our guarantee. We offer various ad sizes on our website for the advertisers, marketing agencies and business owners who want  to spend less but get more in return. 

Ad sizes we offer presently are as follows: 300x250 / 336x280 /728x90 / 300x600 / 320x100 / 320x50 / 468x60 / 234x60 / 120x600 or ads in any size you may want us to. WE give you an option to go for Text Ads or Image Ads / Display Ads or Videos too. 

So, do not wait. Get in touch with us. Talk to one of our executives to know more about how you can get great business opportunities by marketing your business through Contact us today. (please, use our contact form to get connected to us). 

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