A Career in SEO - Search Engine Optimization

seo jobs in hyderabad

Did you hear of SEO any time? It is called Search Engine Optimization. This is something new for the job lookers who are looking for a career in an IT company. It is actually a process of promoting a website in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc. It may sound so simple a job to do but it is really not so. This is something which many of the IT companies here in the city are looking. There is a huge of this expertise in other cities of India as well such as Kolkata, Chennai, Banglore, Delhi, Mumbai etc. Candidates who are expert at it can get a job in countries like UK,  US and Australia as well. There is more popularity of it in those countries.

What is it all about?

Let us say a person has got a new website. He has got his domain booked through godaddy.com (there are other websites too through which one can register a domain at low prices). He has taken the required hosting space too. The website designer and the website developer have done their job too. Now, the website is live and it is also indexed by Google. But, what do you think will this website be seen on first page of the giant search engine Google or other search engines if anyone type any particular keywords related to the business? Well, it would be hard to say this. To popularize a website a search engine optimization professional will have to focus on a number of factors. There are a number of criteria for the effective popularity of the website. A person who knows about SEO will know what changes to be brought in the website structure or the content of the website. An  SEO professional will know what is to be done in order to bring the website on first page of the search results of any search engine. An SEO specialist will focus on all that is there - on and off page optimization strategies. 

Expected Salary 

A candidate can expect good salary for an SEO Job in Hyderabad. A person who knows this can earn from 10 K to 35 K. A person who is expert at it and the one who carries at least 5+ years of experience can earn even more from doing SEO job in Hyderabad. There are many IT companies in Hyderabad which look for the experts for the perfect optimization of their own corporate websites or for the optimization of their clients' websites. If you search through Naukri.com or through other job portals such as Monster.com or TimesJobs.com then you will come to know of the opening for an SEO expert in various organizations here in the city. 

Work as a freelancer 

There is an option to work as a freelancer too. If you do not want to take a full-time job in a company then you can have the chance to apply for freelance positions. There are many companies which even look for the freelancers. They may pay a little less but you can earn more if you can get in touch with at least two or three clients. The option of working as a freelancer can really be good for the students who are pursuing their education or for those who are not looking for a permanent jobs in any IT company. 

SEO Training in Hyderabad

It must be said here that the process of search engine optimization can be learnt on own from home. Yes, it is possible. You can learn online. Google can teach you this.You can download some SEO books as well which are there for the people freely available on internet. There are many SEO books that can help you understand more about it step-by-step. You can even join for the training too. There are institutions now where one can learn about it. Training institutions are offering courses from basic to advanced in this field. The course fee can be around 10 K - 15 K.