A Forgotten Memorial of World War 1 Heroes of Hyderabad

world war 1
You must have visited Golconda Fort in the city. It is a historical monument which requires no explanation. Everyone knows about it. But, do you know there is a memorial if you go a little away from Golconda to the headquarters of the 91 Gurka Rifles?  Yes, it is there on the small hillock. A tall structure, erected in the memory of the heroes who lost their lives in the World War 1. They were the Hyderabadis who fought for the Company in the War. It may be possible that you may not find it when go there on the top of the hillock. But it is there covered by the thick trees.

World War 1 Monument in Hyderabad
World War 1 Monument in the City of Hyderabad,
Telangana, India 
This memorial bears the testimony to the sacrifices made the by the Hyderabadi or  Nizami Soldiers. As a part of the Imperial Services Lancer, thousands of soldiers from Nizam's Army  took part in the World War 1. This memorial was built by Eric Marrot, a well-known architect. When you visit this sight then you can come to know  about it more. The inscriptions clearly talk of the places where the army was sent. There are names of the places such as Damascus, Sharon, Megiddoo, Nebi Samwill etc. "This memorial really deserves some attention from the people of Hyderabad or from anyone who comes here to visit the city because it talks of the sacrifices of the soldiers - the sons of Hyderabad," so said the local who knows more of it. "People today visit places such as Charminar, Golconda Fort or many of the palaces of the Nizams such as Chowmohalla Palace etc because these are the places that are well-known. It is common to visit places which everyone talk of. So, there is a need to make places popular - places such as "Memorial of the WW1 Heroes" or others which have not got the attention from the people," said a local.