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british library hyderabad

Well, if you are the one who is fond of books then it is time that you head towards British Library which is at Secretariat Road, Hyd. This British Library is for all those ardent readers or for the English Language Learners, Teachers, Trainers or Professionals who are looking for fun through books. This excitingly cool library which is full of vibrancy overlooks Hussain Sagar Lake (a beautiful lake that is listed in the top ten of India) and Lumbini Park. And this is not just a place where one may find just books. No, exactly not. It is a place where you will find everything that might help you expand your knowledge in its own innovative way.

This British Library, established in the year 1979, has a huge collection of books that deal with the English Language, Literature, Education and Society. There are books that can take you to the contemporary UK. This is the place for everyone who has a thirst for knowledge. It is for the people who want to brush up their communication skills in English. It is for the professionals who are looking for some effective resources on how to teach and train English Learners. It is for the professionals who are looking for some material on soft skill development or management etc.  One can easily enrich one's personal and professional life with knowledge from books here.  

To become a member:

You will have to become a member to be able to read books from here. You can apply online as well to get the membership. Do not worry. This will not cost much. There are options for you to choose from. You can opt for Golden, Diamond, Platinum Type of Membership. The cost varies for each type of membership. The cost may go from basic 1600 INR / Year to 3,700 INR / Year. Readers who would like to get access online can pay just 1,100 INR / Year. As a member, you can take the books, DVDs or Audiobooks. The members will also have the access to UK newspapers, Periodicals etc. Members can get access to about eighty thousand e-books or about fourteen thousand e-journals etc.  

Where exactly is this Library?

Well, the address goes here for you. Visit and enlighten your mind with books from here.

Sarovar Centre
Secretariat Road
Telangana - 500063