Airtel 4G Launch in Hyderabad - 4G in Hyderabad

airtel 4g hyderabad

It is now a good thing for the Hyderabadis. Bharti Airtel has launched 4G Trials for its customers in the city. The 4G trials are exclusively for the Airtel Existing Customers only. Now, Airtel Customers have the opportunity to upgrade to 4G at a price of 3G.

Bharti Airtel Launched 4G Trials in Hyderabad

"The company really has made significant investment in building a 4 G network that is robust in nature," Vijayraghavan, CEO Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Bharti Airtel (India) is reported to have said at the time of announcing the beta launch. To be the first to enjoy 4G will surely be a great feeling. It may make you feel the king of world technology. Bharati Airtel wants its customers to be the first to experience this wonder of the technology. "And our offer here is a good one too. Upgrade to 4G at a price of 3G. There is really no need to pay more for the 4G Innovation." To make use of this opportunity, existing customers can walk into any of the Airtel Retail Touchpoints here in the city of Hyderabad and ask for upgrade plan from 3G to 4G. Experience the speed of internet to the limitless extent.  

Apart from this, Airtel has made it clear about the go-to-market partnerships with Flipkart and Samsung to make it much easier for the people of Hyderabad to experience this amazing wonder of technology.  

Bharati Airtel has also launched 4G trials in Vishakapatnam too. 

1 Generation of Network

2 Generation of Network

3 Generation of Network

4 Generation of Network

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a Bharti Airtel Customer then it is time to make use of this golden opportunity. Visit any of the nearest Airtel Touchpoints and avail yourself of the benefits of 4G at a price of 3G. Or if you would like to upgrade to 4G online then you can reach official website of Airtel that's (Here, on the website, you will find information about various cities where 4G has already been launched by the Company. 4G is already launched in Mumbai, Chennai etc).  Select your city that is Hyderabad from the list and then proceed to enter the details asked and be the first to experience the power of 4G.