Celebration of Deccani Arts and Crafts in New York

Deccani Arts and Crafts have always attracted people not just from India but people from almost all parts of the world. It might surprise Hyderabadis and people living across India to know that someone far away from our country has realized what Deccani Arts and Crafts have got and is now promoting to the limitless extent as well.

Exhibition of the Deccani Arts and Crafts in New York  

Metropolitan Museum is hosting an exhibition which might reveal how Sultans of the Deccan Indian were. The exhibition is titled "Sultans of the Deccan: Opulence and Fantasy." The exhibition is going to be the biggest cultural events and may end by the month of August (It means from May to August, people in New York will become more aware of what local Hyderabadis are not as such cultural events are very rare here in the city)

Celebrating Deccani Arts and Crafts at Metropolitan Museum in New York
Source: Wikipedia
Let us go back a little into Deccani Past 

It would not be wrong to say here that luxuriousness and fantasy specifically characterize the art of the Deccan Courts during 1500-1700. The place which was known to be the place of Diamonds managed to grasp the attention of everyone round - traders, writers, poets, artists from various parts of the world. Countries such as Turkey, Iran and many other European Countries were fascinated more to the culture and splendour of the Deccani Courts. As the interest arose more and more and turned into captivating art, the mixed influence evolved. Deccan rightly became a home to artists (not just from India but from Persia and other countries too), European Discoverers, African Elites etc. Closer to the end of the seventeenth century, the Mughal domination increased.   

What one may discover by being a part of this cultural event at Metropolitan Museum in New York?

Well, one can find the real beauty of arts and crafts. There is a collection of about 200 finest works. The museum is going to put on display everything from international to private and royal collections. Just reach Gallery 199 of the Museum to get the real feel of how the art and craft was. It must be mentioned here that the collection on display has been brought from treasures in India and many parts of the world. It would not even be wrong to mention that it is for the first time that such a big collection has been put together for public viewing. In fact, it can be the last time as well (Just focus on the level of difficulty of gathering such items then you will come to know why I have said so). 

Curators really worked with dedication and heartitude 

The curators of the project are reported to have worked for about three years in a row to make this cultural event possible. Let me give you one example here. They flawlessly managed to reunite some eight metal finials of a palanquin that was belonged to Nawab here in our City in 1920s. The palanquin was dismantled and disposed of but they worked dedicatedly to retrieve the finials from five collections in New York and London.  

How long do we have to wait for one of such cultural events in Hyderabad?

Everyone know what this great city, Hyderabad in Telangana, has got. It is a city which is known for exquisite arts and crafts. It is blessed with history that speaks of the splendour of the glorious art and culture but when long one has to wait to get to know more of it is a question.