Facebook Users Versus Twitter Users in Hyderabad, Telangana, India

facebook in hyderabad

First, A Short History of Social Networking in Olden Days 

Social Networking has really underwent a great change. It is said that it was there in olden days too. Of course, there were no technological marvels as we have in the present world such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube etc but still there way of networking was quiet good. Just think of two friends exchanging letters from time-to-time.

Popular Social Networking Websites in HyderabadA person living in a far off world sends a letter to a freind of his and the friend replies in a way that might surprise today's generation. They had the time to  write lengthy letters and tehy had the time to share thoughts on broad range of issues or topics. They had many things to share and they always valued the person they are networking with. 

If we go back some 40,000 years ago then we may come to know of the form of networking that still exists in form of cave drawings. Yes, they communicated through drawings in caves and on bigger stones they find anywhere. And in 18th Century, we find Town Criers. Well they were those who had the job to spread the news of the court, of course with permission from the ruler. 

Well, certainly not so very famous today. You may not find people on Orkut, networking with others. Although it was a great site yet it is not that much visited by people. 

MySpace Users in Hyderabad 
It was one of the popular social networking sites. The year 2003 was the year in which it came into being and its popularity spread well in a very short period of time. It was really one of the hottest social networking websites. Well, these days, we do not find anyone talking about it much but still it claims to have big number of users (Hydrerabadis are not that much of this website. Nine out of Ten may say NO, We do not about it if you ask do you anything about MySpace). 

Facebook Users in Hyderabad
Well, we are all living in the world of smartphones. These smartphones have now become a tool  for us to stay connected with people we want, whenever and wherever. Nine of Ten Hyderabadis will say YES we are on FACEBOOK. This is one of the most popular website here in the city. You may a large number of college students talking about their studies (oops, sorry, they do not talk about their studies, they may talk about other things but not studies). You may find a large number of Hyderabadis indulging in poking other Facebook users, talking about an event which took place in the city or about anything that goes in the city.

Twitter Users in Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Unfortunately, the number of TWITTER  Users in the city are less. When we say less then it doesn't mean that people in Hyderabad do not give importance to Twitter. It is a better website for networking but only it is now liked and preferred by only those Hyderabadis who want their messages to be crisp and short. Those who are working at IT organizations may have Twitter account but even such professionals may not use their Twitter account for networking with people. 

Google Plus (Google+) Users in Hyderabad
Google+ is now gaining popularity among people of the city. We may now find more number of users of Google+. It is even expected that in days to come the number of Google+ users will cross the number of Facebook users in the city. 

(This article expresses personal views. It is not meant to spoil any company's image)