History of Golkonda Fort

golconda fort in hyderabad india

Golkonda Fort or Golconda Fort, an insignia of the yester years, is one of the most renowned historical places in the city here. It is a historical place which has always managed to attract foreign tourists. Visitors come to see what this historically beautiful fort has got. It clearly expresses the vanishing glory of the past centuries. It must be said here that there is no evidence of its founder or its exact date of foundation but History has it that this fort was constructed by the Kakatiya Dynasty. 

The fort is recorded to have been constructed by the Raj Krishna Dev of Orrugallu Dynasty. Later, it was assigned to Bhamani Rulers. During 1495-96, Mughals established their presence here. For Mughals, the fort acted as the capital or fortified redoubt of their Dynasty. 

Mughal rulers reconstructed or christened this place as required. It is also a popular belief that the erstwhile rulers used to keep their treasure here in the fort. The same thing made many of the people curious to find out whether the legends were right or not. Excavations carried out many a times at the place due to which the fort now looks much depraved of its natural beauty. It is reported to have been the legendary trade centre of diamonds. Do you know that two of the finest diamonds, Kohinoor and Darya-e-noor, belonged to this magnificent fort? Yes, they are here from this fort and there are many other things which seemed to have not found any place in recordings.  

Excellent Acoustic System 

Many may not about it but there is a flawless acoustic system in the fort. It is a representation of the marvellous engineering. If you are the at entrance and clap your hands then the one who is there on the top of the hill in the Durbar Hall can hear it well. Yes, this is what the acoustic system is. That must have been the form of communication during those days. 

Night Show at the fort 

What one may see now of Golconda is what has managed to survive the harshness or the vagaries of the time.  But it has a story to tell - a long story or a history that everyone should know about. So, in order to present to the people how the past was, a night show (sound and light show, as it is known) is run by the official authorities here. If once you attend the show then you will come to know more of the history of construction or of the kingdoms gained or regained etc. There many things about this strikingly wonderful fort but even volumes will not be enough to rightly represent what this was  or how it was and how it has turned into what do one sees of it today. Tourists who visit this site often visit Qutb Shahi Tombs as well. These tombs are at a distance of about one kilometer from the site. The rulers who ruled for years and years are now under their graves.....