Jobs in Hyderabad for Freshers

jobs in hyderabad india
So, you have completed your studies and now you are on the lookout for a perfect job in Hyderabad. Well, it can be easier for many people to get a desired job in Hyderabad but for some it might pose difficulties. To find a job in Hyderabad today is a big thing. Of course, here in the city are many IT companies which always post job vacancies for freshers such as MBA, MCA, Graduates etc but still to get one is not a cup of cake.

Jobs in Hyderabad, Job Vacancies in Hyderabad

It is for the purpose of helping that I am here trying my level best to direct you to some of the best companies in Hyderabad which offer challenging career opportunities for the freshers. They are the companies which offer high-salary jobs for freshers in Accounts, jobs for freshers in BPO sector, jobs for freshers in field of construction, corporate planning,  social media and marketing, export and import, pharma, hospitality, IT etc.

Genpact - Well, for many freshers, Genpact can really be a good platform. If  you visit popular job portals like,, etc then you will come to know of why am i am saying so. This is one of the best IT companies here in Hyderabad which can give a platform for the freshers. Of course, you may not expect to get much as a fresher here at Genpact but you will have to have some patience in order to get the experience needed. Once, you gain some experience then automatically you are going to gain more from Genpact. 

Cognizant - I must say here but this IT company in Hyderabad mostly look for experienced candidates and for freshers there will be a little chance but this should not deter you as a fresher from trying to get a job here at this org. Cognizant is one of the best companies and if you once you get a job at Cognizant then it means your life is on a different track. Keep visiting some of the popular job websites as I have already suggested because job vacancies for freshers by this company can let you know of what it wants. If you know someone at company then you can ask for some help. Because at big companies, references and recommendations matter a lot. 

Google - Well, Google jobs are a rare thing. Didn't understand? Let me explain. Google is a company which everyone would like to work at. You may not be able to find job vacancies by Google. It is very rare to find job vacancies for freshers at Google anywhere. Third parties may post some job requirements but can you rely on them? If you would like to work at Google (in my view, the best of all of the best companies in Hyderabad) then you need to have someone there. If someone knows you at Google then you may get into this company otherwise there is a remote chance of getting it at Google.