Rail Museum At Kacheguda, Hyderabad - Railway Museum Opened To Public At Kacheguda Station In Hyderabad

Kacheguda Railway Station in Hyderabad

Here is a good news for the people of Hyderabad and all those come here to see what Hyderabad is or how it is different from other cities in India. Railway Museum was recently opened at Kacheguda Railway Station. This Museum was opened to public on 16th of April, 2015. This museum showcases the origin and growth of the railways. This museum is within in the premises of the Kacheguda Railway Station. 

Kacheguda Station Museum In Hyderabad
A Message Which You May Find Just At The Entrance Of The Rail Museum At Kacheguda Station In Hyderabad

What the visitors can see here at the Kacheguda Rail Museum, Hyderabad?

Visitors can see so many things here. This is solely for those who would like to know more about how the railway sector was some years back (or to be more precise in British Era) or during the period of Nizams. This museum has photographs of the rail network which rightly show how it was during the Nizam's rule. Visitors can find here a plenty of other exhibits of the vintage era, prototypes of the coaches, prototypes of the locomotives, signalling equipments and other working and ticking models of the bygone days. 
Rail Model Outside The Kacheguda Railway Station In Hyderabad
Heritage on Wheels - Outside The Kacheguda Rail Museum In Hyderabad

Heritage on Wheels

Kacheguda Rail Museum At Kacheduga Station in Hyderabad
Heritage on Wheels 

What visitors can find here?

Rail Museum At Kacheguda Hyderabad

Rail Museum Kacheguda Hyderabad

Rail Museum in Hyderabad at Kacheguda

Pictures of the Rail Museum at Kacheguda

Pictures of the Rail Museum at Kacheguda in Hyderabad

Inside Rail Museum at Kacheguda

Photos of Rail Museum at Kacheguda in Hyderabad

Photos of Rail Museum in Hyderabad at Kacheguda

rail museum photos hyderabad

photos rail museum hyderabad

Rail Museum photos Kacheguda Hyderabad

Photos of Rail Museum in Hyderabad at Kacheguda

There are many other things which really deserve attention from one and all. If you are here in Hyderabad then you must visit this museum to know more of the rail history or how it was during Nizam's Period.


It should also be said here that the museum has an air-conditioned lounge where visitors can come to know of the railway sector or its history, growth and many other aspects through a movie played on a bigger screen. The movie also highlights the security measures or the steps taken by the government to bring about the improvement in the sector. 

Entry Ticket 

Well, the entry is free but it is free for those who have a got a valid passenger ticket or those who have got a a platform ticket. Others may have to a nominal fee. This railway exhibition was inaugurated by the South Central Railway General Manager, P. K Srivastava. The place for the museum was selected to be Kacheguda because of its incomparable heritage importance. 

Why should you visit this rail museum at Kacheguda Railway Station in Hyderabad? 

A visit to this museum will surely let you know of the history of the rail sector. A person who visits here will know more of the equipments used during the period of the Nizams. This can really provide you a unique interactive experience of getting much and much closer to how the railway sector was or how it was operated or what were the tools or what was the technology like etc. If you have read or heard in books or from people around you then it is time to see it yourself and be enlightened

Note: Photographs shown here belong to the rail museum at Kacheguda.