SSC Exam Results 2019 - SSC Exam Results Date

SSC Exam Results 2019 or SSC Exam Date 2019 is going to be announced on Sunday at or around 11 am. There is a declaration of the news on the official Telangana Government Website. SSC results 2019 will be available on official websites such as, and centre for good governance. Apart from these major websites, SSC results or Matriculation results can be seen on other popular websites such as, etc.  

Of joys and tears 

SSC Results are going to be out now. Students who took SSC exams are now waiting with all excitement, expectations and fear too. Yes, there has been noted some unmatched excitement and some unknown fear too. "Even if you are a student who had done well in exams and are confident of getting a good score then still there lurks some fear that doesn't go away. It disturbs you a lot." The results may make some students happier than ever and may make some students sad. The one who gets passed will anyhow have the chance to enjoy the moment or celebrate the victory with all family, friends and neighbours but the one who may not be lucky enough to get through the exams will spend time in doldrums. 
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Encouragement and Support required 

It is also noted that students who do not get lucky enough to get through the exams develop negativity in them. They feel that they may not be able to pass the exams even if they attempt second time. It is necessary that the parents should support their children and should not apprehend them or scold them for being a failure at exams. It is necessary that they should support their child and help him or her get through this difficult phase in their life. Children who do not get encouragement and support from their parents may not be able to cope up with the mounting problems and may get psychologically weaker. It is imperative that parents should come forward to help them and support them. 

SSC Results 2015 Announced

Comfort them / Help them 

"Do not worry, you will get pass next time" or "Make another attempt and I am sure you will be able to breeze through the exams."  Remember, students who do not any sort of support from their parents develops psychological problems. And they may not behave normally. So, keep this pass or fail aside and speak a few good words so that your child can cross all hurdles in his or her life. 

Students who get passed in SSC exams 2019 Exams really have a right to be happy and celebrate the moment but those who may get failed should not feel bad as there will always be a second chance.