The Giant Search Engine, Google, is going to invest 1,500 Crore in New Hyderabad Campus

Google office hyderabad
Who doesn't know Google, The Giant Search Engine? Everyone is aware of what Google is. The Giant Search Engine, Google is going to invest something about one thousand five hundred crore on its new campus in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The campus is going to be the campus in whole of Asia. In fact, it is the campus which is the biggest outside US - the home of the world's largest and world's best known search engine. The upcoming campus in the city of Hyderabad will focus on three major aspects or major projects. 
Google New Campus in Hyderabad

There is already a Google campus in the city of Hyderabad at Madhapur. This new upcoming campus will surely make other IT companies to consider Hyderabad to be their destination for IT operations or IT support services. Many of the major companies across the globe such as Cognizant, 24/7, Microsoft, Wipro, Dell Computers, Thomson Reuters and many other IT companies have already have strong presence here in the city. This biggest investment from Google may make other IT companies which are now operating from their home cities in the UK, US, Australia, Germany etc to come to Hyderabad and establish their presence. 

The biggest of all search engines, Google will soon depute its internal teams to carry out the proposed work. This new campus is going to house somewhere around thirteen thousand staff. The project completion may take about four year. Much details about he new campus have not been provided yet but there perhaps in days to come the plan will be revealed completely. 

What Google is all about?

Google Search Engine

Google is one of the best search engines which internet users use across the globe. In fact, it is the only one best search engine which has got more prominence in the world of internet. It is a company which is now into diverse business sectors. Google earns revenue through various Google advertising services. Google provide the business owners a chance to advertise through a program called Google Adwords. Google also provides a chance for the earners to earn through it through a program called Adsense. Google has many other revenue generating methodologies. In comparison to Yahoo, Bing, MSN, this search engine is used and preferred a lot by the internet users. 

What Google is in the city of Hyderabad?

Nine out of ten internet users in the city of Hyderabad can be users of Google. Yes, the use of the search engines like Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc is not that popular. A person who may be using Yahoo or Bing etc may eventually begin to use Google. Internet centres operating in the city or around the city will provide the option of surfing through Chrome. Major browsers apart from Chrome will be Internet Explorer or Mozilla.