Jameela Nishat - An Urdu Poet, A Feminist, A Woman Of Incredible Courage From Hyderabad, India.

Well, it would be difficult to describe who this woman is. - She is an Urdu poet, a feminist, a woman of incredible courage. She is the one who promotes the deccani style through her poems which are laced with inexplicable beauty.

She is the one who works for the Muslim women in Hyderabad through her centre called Shaheen Resource Centre." She is Jameela Nishat - The one who has a different approach to living life, a life which is dedicated to the well-being of one and all.

About Jameela Nishat 

This Hyderabad-based Urdu poet started writing poetry at a very early age. She has a master's degree in English Literature. She has also obtained a post graduate diploma in theatre arts. She has to her credits three books. Her book "Lava" was the first which gave her the recognition as a poet. It was published in the year 2000 (some of her poems from the book "Lava" were also translated by Hoshang Merchant - a very popular poet from India. The translated poems by Hoshang Merchant were published by Sahitya Academy). Her other book "Lamhey Ki Ankh" which was published by the Asmitha Resource Centre for Women, expresses more of what Urdu poetry should be like. "Lams Ki Sawghat"  was also a master piece which really requires no explanation here. She, as a poet, know very well how to represent the life in words. She is a woman who delves deeper and deeper into the commonest issues which are replete in the society and bring out of them something which no one would have thought of.  
Jameela Nishat runs "Shaheen Resource Centre for Women." She is a woman who works with real dedication and heartitude and leaves no stone unturned to make life better for women who reach the centre for help.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu  Newspaper