CM of Telangana Focusing on Greenhouse Cultivation

After successfully dealing with the problems of constant power cut in the city and around in the state of Telangana, Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao now wants to focus on Greenhouse Cultivation. He has clearly directed officials in the agricultural sector to lay more emphasis on micro-irrigation activities, mechanization and greenhouse cultivation in the next budget.  

CM of Telangana Focusing on Greenhouse Cultivation

The state of Telangana is now free from frequent power cuts. Now, we have seen promises turning into reality by the Chief Minister of the state. After this big achievement, the attention is now more on fulfilling the requirements of the farmers. The agricultural land in the state is pretty good for growing chilli, ginger, turmeric and Mr. Rao has asked the concerned officials to stress more on identification of such lands and create ways or encourage farmers in the same direction.  

He also talked about the importance of cultivating different types of crops. He said that the farmers should take the step forward in diversifying as per the rising demands in the market. “There is a need to focus on Soybean Crops,” said he. He has told the officials to focus on all aspects before going ahead to create budget requirements.

“There is a need to come up with the plans which can help farmers in myriad ways. Whether there are dry spells or heavy rain, the plan should be helpful for them. It is imperative that the concerned department should always make sure that not-so-good or in many cases fake seeds or fertilizers should not be put to use. The quantity of seeds required is needed to be positioned well beforehand. There is also a need to minimize the use of pesticides and increase the  number of agronomists. The photographs of pest and the crop should be sent to the farmers.” Chief Minister, Chandrasekhar Rao also asked the agriculture officials to be in coordination with the marketing department so as to make sure that the crop that enter the market yards should receive utmost protection from nature’s fury, rain. The crop should be kept till the farmers get what they expect - reasonable price for their production.

Talking about the role of scientists at the Agriculture University, Mr Rao said that there is a need to focus on strengthening the University and the scientists will have to veer their attention to finding ways of producing different types of seeds. It is important that the research work should be taken at a large scale to bring about some great improvement in this sector.