Helicopter Rides Over Hyderabad, Permission granted by Telangana State Government

It is time to fly in Hyderabad -Helicopter Joyrides for all those who are looking forward to get a bird’s eye view of whole of the city. Telangana Government has now given permission to go initiate helicopter rides for the locals. If you are the one who would like to fly in the air to get a close view of the city then it is time you get in touch with one of the two Aviation Companies who are going to start this service for you. The two of the Aviation Companies which have got permission from the Government of Telangana to start this service are Indwell Aviation Pvt Ltd and Atom Aviation Services. 

Helicopter rides services in Hyderabad

These companies are now set to change the way the city is being seen. For locals, this is really going to be a chance to go fly in the sky and know more of their place. For tourists, this is going to be the best ride - joyful too as such services are often not offered. It is expected that the first flight will take off next month on March 12 and it may continue till 23 March.  This flights will by the Atom Aviation Services. This news has also been confirmed by Mr B. Venkatesam, department secretary at Telangana State Youth Advancement, Tourism and Cultural Affairs.Indwell Aviation will offer helicopter rides possibly in Warangal District during the Medram Jatra.   

“The decision is really going to attract the people, especially tourists who come from various parts of India and other countries. This is something which will make them remember their tour to Hyderabad,” A tourist Operator who has always been at the forefront in offering tourists the best Hyderabad Tour Packages told Truly Hyderabad. For everyone who is looking forward to go to historical places, car rental services are offered at cheap rates. They see these places with all enthusiasm but wish for something more, you know an aerial view of Charminar or Golconda etc. This services which are now going to be provided by these aviation companies have now made their wish come true. It is really going to attract a lot of visitors for sure.
So, do not wait. If you would like to get an aerial view then get your seat booked. Of course, the charges are going to be a big higher but you will get an experience that you will remember throughout the day. Take view and get everything recorded if you wish to. These helicopter rides in the city of Hyderabad are going to be safe. So, do not worry at all.