Swachh Bharat - Hyderabad is on position Nineteen, Vizag Outshines

The results of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has finally come out and our city, Hyderabad has been rated as the nineteenth cleanest (position number:19) city in the country, announced by the Union Government.   It is Vishakapatnam which has bagged better position in terms of Cleanliness. This has really brought accolades for the new formed state, Andhra Pradesh in India. 
Swachh Hyderabad Rank

“Fifth Position” is really a position to be boast of because if you go back into the last year then you will come to know that the city was at number two hundred and thirty four (234). Yes, it is true. This is really a significant change which shows that the city is on a fast-track to clean and neat and in days to come it is going to acquire first position too (provided each and every Hyderabadi come forward and take part in  making it clean and neat, by not throwing plastic cans or garbage anywhere. “The vision of Swachh Hyderabad can certainly be achieved but it requires help from every individual is what the authorities believe in and strive to educate the same by organizing the campaigns and by taking the task of cleaning upon themselves.” 

This survey was conducted by the Quality Council of India.  The cities which really made it big (which acquired positions from 1-15) were honoured by the Central Government. The cities received mementos and trophies. It is Mysuru which bagged the first position in terms of cleanliness. It has now become Number One Cleanest City in India. It is followed by Chandigarh.  

It is unfortunate that the city could not make it to the top fifteen cleanest city in India but it has really shown a great amount of improvement.  The city managed to score  1,355 out of the total score marks of 2,000. Missed by few hundreds but in days  to come it is going to top the list. 

Sri. B Janardhan Reddy, GHMC Commissioner, really came up with so many plans to keep clean and neat. The Hyderabad City got pre-fabricated toilets at various places. Dustbins were distributed for free (for effective management of the waste). But, still the city lost its shine because of the improper management of the community toilets, improper methodologies of tracking the of GHMC vehicles (GPS Facility) etc.