Hyderabad Tour - A Heritage Walk in Old City of Hyderabad

Are you looking for free heritage walk in the city of Hyderabad with expert tour guide who can take you into the glorious past of the city? Well, a YES is very much visible in your eyes. If you would like to know more about the most popular tourist sites which are spread across the old city of Hyderabad then it is necessary that you take some out next week and be a part of this heritage walk with the expert Tour Guide -HyderabadWala. 
Hyderabad Tour - A Heritage Walk in Old City of Hyderabad

It will begin with the interested tourists gathering at one of the famous cafes near Charminar that is Nimra Cafe. Let us begin with the typically tasteful Hyderabadi Chai at this cafe. By Morning 10, you will take the steps to the floor of Charminar - the wonder of the city, the pride of Hyderabad, much more of an identity of all of the locals here. By 11 am or so, you will be taken to Mecca Majid. Everything about this marvelous structure by the great Quli Qutub Shah will be explained by the guide. You will come to know of the art involved, the beauty it conceals, the history which only a few historians know. 

And by 12 or so, you can walk through the lanes or by-lanes of the Laad Bazaar Area where you may find shops on both sides, people inviting you with all politeness and sometimes impatience in their voice. Bangle Sellers, Gold Bangles or others in and around spread in a web-like manner. There will be break time from 12:30 to 2. During this time, the tourists can take the lunch anywhere they want to in and around Charminar Area. Lunch in a local restaurant will be arranged by the Tour Guide for the interested tourists. Gobble the most delicious Hyderabadi Biryani or just refresh yourself with something extraordinarily appetizing. 

Then, by 2 pm or so, we will walk to Chowmohalla Palace - which has got a lot of things which sometimes tourists do not focus on. The guide will let you know of wonders you may come across at this royal palace. You can get all details you wish to get. 

Here, at Chowmohalla Palace the tour will end by 3 or 3:30 PM.  

To know more about this event, email at trulyhyderabad19@gmail.com.