Mohammad Waseem - A great fan of cricketer Mohammad Azheruddin

Meet our Today’s Local Hyderabadi - Mohammad Waseem, a great fan of Indian Cricketer, Ex-Captain, Mohammad Azheruddin. 

Cricket is liked by one and all in the city of Hyderabad but we can say not as much as this guy who is 25 years old, an experienced website designer by profession but a great fan of cricket at heart. We got the chance to talk to this guy who is humble and straightforward this week. “I use my heart, not my tongue,” said Mr Waseem with a little bit of smile on his face which clearly reflected his jolly mood.

Mohd Waseem Truly Hyderabad Face of the Month

“Every day is just the same for me. I get up and get ready for the office. I do not even get time to talk to talk to siblings. This is the kind of life I lead from Monday to Saturday but when it comes to Sunday, I enjoy like anything,” so said Mohammad Waseem, who works at an IT Company, located at Habsiguda. He works as a website designer, carries almost six years of experience in designing and developing great sites for the clients. “I know everything about web coding, I can say I live it because this is what I do all day at the office.”

“I like football. But, unfortunately, I do not find anyone around me who shares the same interest. And that even require a team. You know, we can’t just play with a few friends. WE have a few members in our colony, my friends but they too are interested in just Cricket and nothing more,” so said the cricketer, Mr Waseem when asked whether he indulges in other games or not.

“I like Team Australia but when India plays against Australia then of course, my preference diverts. I want my Team India to win.” He is a great fan of Bret Lee, Zaheer and others he said he can’t reveal.

This 25 years old, all-rounder has made great number of centuries, playing against the other teams in his colony and nearby colonies. “He likes playing under pressure but he never gets carried away by that. He is the captain of the cricket team at hi colony, a great bowler, batsman and fielder. He took Hat-trick 13 times. That is really awesome right. He bowls with an action similar that of his favorite bowler and at a speed that is enough to confuse any batsman on the pitch,’ so said one of his friend who is also a great fan of cricket. “He could have really made it very big but it is just that he has got some responsibilities he pays more attention to. I can say he would become a good cricketer, had he received the right platform.” “The best thing about him is he becomes very active, determined you can say when the team needs him. He gets wickets often when we need them in order to win the match. That is what I like about him,” so he revealed.
Mohd Waseem Cricketer in Hyderabad
Mohd Waseem with his Team Players
If you would like to see him in action, then you can reach one of the grounds at Tarnaka, Bandlaguda on Sundays.