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Earn Money in Hyderabad

Well, you can earn your pocket money from us. When we say Pocket Money then it means it would just be enough for you to have breakfast or lunch or dinner at a three-star hotel in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It would be enough for you to spend a day out with your friends at your favourite place. It would just be enough for you to get on with your tuition classes or pay your college fee. 

What all we require from you is nothing but some contribution. Yes, you can send us articles you have written describing historical places in Hyderabad or on anything interesting related to the city. You can send us pictures of the beautiful places here in the city or of any place you think deserves some attention. You can send us anything which you think can be 

We select the best entries and reward our contributors.  

Frequently Asked Questions. 

1 What can I send?

Ans: You can send articles related to historic places in Hyderabad, Events or anything related to Hyderabad. Articles should be genuine. There should be no plagiarism at all. Articles will not be accepted in which there is plagiarism. You can send pictures you have taken or of others who may not mind putting it on our website (prior permission is required, if you are sending someone else's work). 

2 How can I spend?

Ans: Well, you will have to email us. Here is our email id: trulyhyderabad19@gmail.com. 

3 When will I get paid?

Ans: You will get paid every fifth of the month. For instance, contributed who have contributed for the month 1 January-30 January will get the money  on fifth of February. 

4. How will I know my work has got selected?

Ans: If we like what you have sent (articles, pictures, graphics, news items etc) then we will let you know of the same through email. We will let you know of it at the end of each month. 

5. How do you make the payment?

Ans: We will make the payment online. You will have to send your Bank Account Details. Postal Money can also be sent if required (candidates who would like to receive money through post need to give their postal address).  

Any other questions? Well, please, write to us. We will answer sooner than your expectations. 

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