Face of the Month

You can become the next "Face of the Month" at Truly Hyderabad. 

Let the whole world know your story... 

There are people who deserve recognition. There are people who really have a story which is different from ordinary. Truly Hyderabad is dedicated to provide such people a chance to share their story with the rest of the world. If there is something extraordinary about you then we are here to present you an opportunity to bring it in front of the world through us. You can become “The Face of the Month.”

How is the selection process?

Well, most of the times, we search people on our own and present their life, their efforts or their contribution to the society.  We talk to them personally, interview them and make other people know about him through our website: trulyhyderabad.com.

But, you know, it may not be possible for us to reach out to everyone who really deserves become a “Face of the Month” by Truly Hyderabad. Therefore, we are here giving you the opportunity to let us know of such people who really have a significant role or have the right to deserve some recognition.

Who can become the face of the month?

Anyone can become the “Face of the Month.” You can send the name of the people you know or you can send your name as well.    

What do we require from you?

We require a short write-up on the people you would like to nominate for the Face of the Week at Truly Hyderabad. We would like you to send us a recent snap of the person you want us to include in our Face of the Month Section, a small bio and at aleast a short note on why such person deserves to become the “Face of the Month.” We will take a look at all entries we receive and we will select the best among the best.  

How will I know the profile I have sent of myself or of the other I have sent has been selected by Truly Hyderabad for the “Face of the Month?”

Well, we will email you before we put the profile of the person on our website. We may even email you to let us know more about the person as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? Here, is the chance for you to know the world all the good that is there about you or the people you think the world should know about. Let the flow of inspiration be continuous… To nominate, please, click here.